Case management systems

customized for your needs

powerful and low cost CMS solutions

Do not fall in the “sunk cost” trap of throwing good money after an antiquated legacy software that your department dropped a mint on many years ago. AW Berry develops powerful CMS solutions customized for your overworked and underfunded workforce. 

Our solutions use cutting edge technology methods, including data analytics to allow leadership to effectively predict the correct areas that resources are needed. The information is out there and we can help you harness it. 

a focused strategy

do more with your cMS

  • Utilize data analytics inside your CMS so leadership can effectively develop a information based plan.
  • Weighted performance analysis so leadership can track what aspects of a plan is working and what isn’t.
  • Customizable layout.
  • Multi-layered security measures to defeat hacking attempts and protect sensitive information.
  • Block chain technology to track chain of custody and create other unalterable files.
  • The intuitive layout provides ease of use for the end user.
  • Real time updates for legal, regulatory, and policy requirements. 
  • Save money and get the most out of your resources.

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