frequently asked questions

Is AW Berry's work confidential?

AW Berry’s work is entirely confidential providing our clients with the information they need to protect their business. Our personnel are experienced with working with sensitive and classified information. No job is initiated without the proper legal protections in place.

How much the services cost?

AW Berry charges industry standard hourly prices for our technology and analytical solutions.

What size organizations do you work with?

AW Berry works with all sizes of organizations. From the Federal Government to Fortune 50 companies. From local city departments to small single employee businesses.

Are you hiring?

AW Berry is always looking for talented people. Please contact our HR department at

What does AW Berry's data analysis solution include?

We offer a full suite of solutions. Our data analysis solutions are customized to fit the needs of our clients. Our personnel have experience in financial and business process examinations of various sized organizations. We can use our experience as SMEs to develop variables for predictive models, or we can create a complete data analysis project.

What does AW Berry's security solutions include?

Our security solutions begin after reviewing an organizations current structure and then finding and implementing the security framework that best fits your needs. From an E commerce website to a complete network architecture AW Berry will provide industry leading solutions to fit your organization’s needs.

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